Hospital Laundry

Our Healthcare Laundries are accessible to Aged Care and Hospitals

Healthcare teams often handle substantial amounts of laundry simultaneously, which is why our hospital laundry services can be an excellent addition to anyone in the sector. Having a team that can assist you with your laundry can also help you save time and money. Choose CQ Commercial Laundry for a team that works fast and keeps your clothes clean.

Choose CQCL Services for your Aged Care Laundry

Managing aged care laundry can quickly become an overwhelming task. Depending on your staff count, laundry machines, and other logistics, the undertaking could cause you to lose time and money. Our team can assist you with the appropriate services so doing laundry can be made simple again.

Save time $ money

Doing laundry every week will set you back if you’re not prepared, considering all the cleaning supplies, machines, and other expenses. You don’t have to concern yourself with machine maintenance when you work with us. When doing large loads of laundry on your own, your machines will require regular maintenance. With CQCL, you get all the laundry done without maintenance concerns.

We come to you so that you can save even more time.

Our fleet of safety-fitted vehicles will meet you at your premises. We also understand how to adhere to any necessary safety measures or on-site regulations.

Providing Leading Healthcare Laundry Services around Queensland

To help you better understand when it’s time to give us a call, we want to discuss a few common signs that companies often miss.

If you’re spread too thin, and your laundry is often late, our reliable team can help. While it seems obvious, many people will consider the possibility of getting more staff before considering outsourcing. Our team integrates with your business practices and won’t step on any toes.

If your business recently expanded quickly and you suddenly can’t handle the laundry capacity, we can step in to assist. Growth is almost always a sign of a successful business, but many factors can stunt growth if you aren’t careful. Sudden onsets of more work can overwhelm a small team. Luckily, we can step in and take care of any excess laundry.

  If you don’t want to outsource to healthcare laundries because they’re too far away, you’ll be happy to know that our team can reach all of central Queensland with ease. We believe we established our base of operations in a convenient location that remains accessible to most who could need it.

Having access to efficient healthcare laundries can make a world of difference to you and your team. The aged care sector can already bring about many reasons for stress, and laundry doesn’t have to be another.

Call us today and get assistance with your aged care laundry.