What is a Commercial Laundry Service?

Commercial laundry services for businesses include streamlined processes to get your dirty laundry cleaned faster. Commercial laundry companies use industrial washing machines and dryers that can wash larger loads of clothing or linen than a typical domestic machine. The laundry service employs a team of trained floor workers to help fold and pack clean linen quickly. Commercial laundry facilities usually offer a laundry collection and delivery service, too.

Four Benefits of Washing Your Laundry at a Commercial Facility

Well-Washed Linen

Commercial laundromats use industrial machines and sophisticated equipment to wash your linen effectively. Trained staff and quality control ensure the washing of your laundry to a consistently high standard. Commercial services focus on sterilisation and hygiene to ensure the health and safety of the end-users.

Quick Service

Industrial washers and dryers work much faster than regular machines. Their increased machine capacity means that you can complete fewer loads within a shorter time without compromising on the results. Laundry delivery and collection services eliminate the need for travel to the laundromat, saving you time.

Cost Savings

Washing your laundry in bulk allows you to pay lower prices per load and saves you money. Sending your laundry to the facility eliminates your responsibility to hire and pay in-house cleaning staff. You also save on the costs of maintaining and running the equipment that you would need to wash large loads of laundry yourself.

Improved Productivity

Sending your washing to a commercial laundry facility gives you peace of mind that the job will be completed to a high standard with no effort on your part. You will no longer spend time and resources on washing laundry, giving your staff more time to focus on other areas of the business and increasing your productivity.

Industries that should use a Commercial Laundry Service Company

Many industries generate dirty clothing and linen. If you are overwhelmed by washing, it may be time to switch to a commercial service. Explore whether a commercial laundry company is a right choice for your business based on your industry.
  • Hospitality and Tourism

    The hospitality industry generates large volumes of washing, and a commercial laundry service for hotels, motels, and restaurants are invaluable. Working with a professional laundry company offers you discreet dirty laundry and linen collection away from the customer-facing side of your business. Industrial washers use temperature control to sanitise sheets, serviettes, towels, and linen for hygienic and safe repeated use.

  • Mining

    Mineworkers must wear protective uniforms every day that get heavily soiled due to dusty underground conditions. Your employees need a fresh, clean uniform for every shift, free from mineral and soil contaminants. Commercial washing facilities can clean the dirtiest uniforms with ease, helping you keep your employees safe and comfortable.

  • Healthcare

    Your patients need clean linen to stay in your facility overnight while they are healing or preparing for surgery. Commercial washing services use high-quality detergents and equipment to sterilise hospital and consulting room linen and achieve a high standard of hygiene. Washing your linen in bulk is a fast and efficient way to maintain freshly made beds.

What’s Included in a Commercial Linen Cleaning Service?

A commercial linen service follows a chain of procedures to streamline the laundry washing process, making it more efficient. The service usually includes dirty laundry collection, washing it in bulk in industrial machines, drying, pressing, and folding it. Our delivery team will deliver your clean, folded laundry to you at an agreed time and date, or you may send your team to collect it from the facility. Commercial cleaning companies use tagging systems to account for every item in your laundry load after the wash.

How does an Industrial Washing Machine Work?

Industrial machines are sophisticated pieces of laundry equipment that can tackle heavily soiled fabric in bulk loads. The parts in these machines are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, making them durable and fit for constant use. Many industrial-grade washing machines allow for the automatic injection of detergents, removing the need for staff to add them to the load manually. They also use extremely high-speed spin cycles to help dry clothes quickly.