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CQ Commercial Laundry: Professional Uniform Laundry Services in Central Queensland

While it may be tempting to have staff wash their uniforms, we advocate using a professional uniform laundry service. Keeping uniforms clean can be challenging. Whether your team works on-site on a mine or in a hospitality setting, it’s of the utmost importance that their work uniforms are clean and presentable.

Ensuring that your workforce has access to clean uniforms every day is essential but not quite as easy as one might think if you are engaged in business on-site – particularly if your worksite is remote. Providing laundry facilities on-site is, in most cases, not possible. We go the extra mile to ensure that your team remain presentable and safe with crisp, clean uniforms every day.

Choose CQ Commercial Laundry as your Uniform Laundry Service of Choice

Over the years, we have become well-established among the local mines and hospitality operators in Central Queensland by providing a fast and effective, affordable, and hassle-free service.

We offer laundry services of the highest quality

If you’re spread too thin, and your laundry is often late, our reliable team can help. While it seems obvious, many people will consider the possibility of getting more staff before considering outsourcing. Our team integrates with your business practices and won’t step on any toes.

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our service

Our team of laundry operators and drivers are hand-picked and highly proficient at ensuring they adhere to their laundry schedules strictly.

What Sets CQ Commercial Laundry Apart Regarding Uniform Laundry Services

How difficult can washing a uniform be? The truth is that it depends on the outcome you require. Scrubbing too vigorously with too much detergent, softeners etc., can cause your uniforms to wash out too quickly. Even washing takes its toll, and it takes a careful balance between optimal cleaning and achieving the ideal longevity of the uniforms.

We offer a flexible service

We utilise our years of industry experience to ensure that we adhere to your laundry schedule. When dealing with us, you can rest assured that your staff will always have crisp, clean uniforms to wear to work. We understand that things don’t always go as planned, and we remain ready for all eventualities.

We have you covered

We use the best machines, equipment, and detergents to ensure we achieve the ultimate clean while causing the least possible amount of wear and tear to your staff uniforms. Whether your staff has to contend with dirt and oil from working on machinery or with the everyday spills of the hospitality industry, we have you covered.

We deliver intact and on time

Our customers know they can rely on us to fulfil all their commercial laundry requirements. We employ a team of professional drivers that always ensure your laundry is delivered intact and on time.

About CQ Commercial Laundry

We’ve been servicing the Central Queensland region with professional cleaning services for more than 20 years, proudly servicing local mining site camps, hotels, motels, restaurants and more.
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