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Our Professional Commercial Laundry Services Washes all Linen for your Business

We provide commercial laundry services to mine site camps, hotels, motels, restaurants, and any other commercial industry that requires professional laundry services of the highest standards with a reliable turnaround time. Since we are in Emerald, it places us conveniently near all of Central Queensland’s main resources, hubs, and hospitality centres, and we provide our services across the Bowen Basin. In the hospitality industry, we understand that your reputation links not only to the service you offer but also to the standard of cleanliness of the linen your guests use. We will wash each doona and all other linen to the same high standard, ensuring you receive them back clean and with all stains removed.

CQ Commercial Laundry Services for the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, it is crucial to have clean linen, especially before each new guest arrives. If you have a high turnover of guests, this is not only a full-time and time-consuming task but will require industrial standard washing machines, which are not always suitable for washing certain items. We also have dry cleaning experience, equipment, and technology that could be a requirement to wash a duvet, especially if you want your blankets and linen to last.

We have full on-site facilities with industry-leading equipment to wash a quilt of any size and many simultaneously. We use environmentally-friendly detergents and chemicals to attain optimum results without any harsh residues left behind on the fabric; this also means we can safely wash all blanket types. Our facilities have multiple shifts to ensure the punctual return of your laundry. We also clean all bed linen, towels, and restaurant linen such as tablecloths, serviettes, kitchen towels, and aprons.

At CQ Commercial Laundry deliver exceptional quality and care with the laundry needs of all our customers
Our drivers know all the local roads very well, which helps them choose the quickest routes to their drop-off or collection points. Our drivers all know and follow mine site protocols, and we are happy to send our drivers for any on-site regulated protocol training. We also supply our linen to mining camps, camping grounds, motels, hotels and restaurants, regularly rotating clean, fresh supplies.

We are experienced in removing tough dirt and stains and using chemicals that will not damage the fabric, ensuring your staff’s uniforms and overalls are not only highly presentable but last longer too.

We are Environmentally Conscious

We are conscious of the environment and are continuously working towards sustainable and eco-friendly processes. All of the detergents and chemicals we use are environmentally friendly. We follow our comprehensive policies for safe working procedures, the handling of hazardous materials, the storage of chemicals, and waste disposal.

Before we pack and return your laundered items, each item is carefully tracked and monitored through our system and undergoes a quality inspection.

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